26 April 2010

Menu Monday April 26th-April 30th

I cannot believe this is the last menu plan for the month of April.  Is it me or is this year just flying by???
Here is what we will be eating in our home this week:

Monday~ oatmeal and french toast sticks
                 noodles with kiwi
                 homemade chicken nuggets, apples and lipton potatoes

Tuesday~ cereal
                 baked ziti

Wednesday~ pancakes
                      grilled cheese and smoothies
                      chicken fettuccine alfredo

Thursday~ bagels
                   hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill with dirty rice

Friday~ snickerdoodle cake
              fruit (we usually are full from breakfast so we will just snack for lunch)

For more menu ideas jump on over to Org Junkie.

1 comment:

  1. I have to ask...what is noodles with kiwi? Your menu looks yummy! So glad I found your blog!



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