27 April 2010

A Clean Home

Lately the family and I have had some busy days, weeks actually, and I feel my house has taken the short end of the stick.  If you walked into my house these past few weeks I would have been so embarrassed; really it looked like it had thrown up on itself a few times over.  I am just being real here! 

Yesterday I woke up refreshed and ready to tackle the house!  After having breakfast and finishing up school for the day, the two blessings and I went to work.  The children cleaned their rooms, took out the bathroom trash and picked up various items around the home.  I was able to clean the entire main floor of our home, and do a mountain of laundry (which is still not complete, but is laundry ever really done??).  After a hard day's work I was very pleased with our hard work.  We had worked for the entire day and by the time it was bed time the three of us were fast asleep before our heads even hit the pillows.

I think the best part of yesterday was not only did my house become clean but the three of us worked together.  We had no arguing, no whining, and no "that isn't miiiiine".  We all worked together to get the job done, and that made the day even better.

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1 comment:

  1. Working together is the best part! The work gets done a lot faster too!



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