19 April 2010

I Love This Cake!

I am sure everyone is tired of hearing about this recipe but it is soooooo good, that I cannot help it.  I am so grateful that PennyPinchinMomma shared this recipe.  If it was not for her I probably would not be making this yummy cake every week.  It is so good that my family has requested that I make a double batch each time I make it.  The sad thing is, the cake is gone before the night is over.  Well, it is really gone by lunchtime.  My hubby will arrive home from lunch and pretty much eat what is left.

So, thank you PennyPinchinMomma, my family and I are grateful.


  1. Okay, if you make this every week it must be good. I had to take a look at the recipe. Sounds good and seems simple to make ~ two of my favorite things to find in a recipe. Have a great day.

  2. I still need to make it! I forgot all about it last weekend (I think I was a little side tracked!).



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