20 April 2010

Yard Sale Deal

Last Saturday my family and I were so excited because we were able to go to our first yard sale of the season!  Actually, we were able to visit about three yard sales and the thrift store on post.

I purchased:
$1 capri pants for my daughter
$1 indoor soccer shoes for my daughter
$5 Nike running shoes for my daughter (never been worn)
$2 Reversible Spring jacket for daughter
$1 Gymboree long sleeve shirt for son
$2 truck for my son's hot wheel cars
$1 for happy birthday sign
$1 for two decorative gift card boxes

Some of these items I would of liked to pay less for but overall I am very happy with our new purchases.  This weekend there are even more yard sales that we will be visiting.  I am in need of summer clothes and
jean for my two little blessings.  This Works For Me!

For more Works For Me Wednesday jump on over to We Are That Family.


  1. Visiting from wfmw... I love yard sales! I can't wait to go to my first one in the next week or so :)

  2. You know I love yard sale season! Great finds!

  3. Good job! We haven't quite gotten around to garage sale season here on Long Island, but I hope it starts up soon. I miss the bargains, LOL!



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