22 April 2010

Thursday Thoughts~Spring has Sprung

I am so excited; Spring has sprung here in Alaska.  The weather is getting beautiful, flowers are about to bloom, and I know more and more wildlife will be out roaming the land.  The hubby and I have decided how we are going to beautify our yard with flowers this year.  My thought is, I wonder when we will be able to start the work?  It will be a big project this year, however it will be easy because the previous tenants did not work with the yard so we have a new "canvas" to work with.  Once we are able to work in the yard, I will be posting before and after pictures.

With it being Earth Day today, my family will be out walking our neighborhood and picking up trash.  Since "break up" season (when the snow and ice is melting) is over here in Alaska, a lot of trash is starting to appear.  Just yesterday I found a newspaper next to my driveway dated December 19, 2009.  What will you be doing for Earth Day?

Do you have any thoughts for today?

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