17 March 2010

Going Green

Heavenly Homemakers is hosting "The Little Green Project", which can consist of saving green, going green, eating greens, your green thumb, earning more green and green crafts.  For more of The Green Project you can jump on over to Heavenly Homemakers

For my "Green Project" I have chosen "going green".

A while back I wrote about making my own laundry soap and you can read about that here and here.  Since using my laundry soap I have cut down on my trash, and also have been saving some green ;)

Another thing that I have done to "go green," is making my own household cleaners.  I use vinegar and water for most of my cleaning (I have added some orange essential oil & some baking soda to cut down on the strong smell of the vinegar).  While using my own homemade cleaners I am not bringing in any chemicals into my home, and also again saving some green. 
I am hoping this year will be my year to garden! 

Are there any "little green projects" you are working on????

1 comment:

  1. We also do a lot of cleaning with water and vinegar. Great idea to add that essential oil. Another great one is tea tree oil.



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