18 March 2010

Decorating Frugally

The other day I was telling my hubby that I am truly happy that God has blessed us with the house we have.  Our house is three bedrooms, two and half bath, full car garage, and a full basement.  We have never had a basement in any of our homes; so we are pretty excited for our house.  However, I cannot seem to make our home feel warm and cozy.  When I walk in the door, all I can think of is "grrrr".  In the past, my homes have always seem to have that warm and cozy feeling, except this one.  I am not sure why because I have the same furniture from our last duty stations, but I just cannot get this home to be what I want it to be, until now!

The hubby and I have decided that we will revamp our house over the next couple of months, with items that we already have in our home, or from yard sales.  Today, I went through some old pictures, and added them into our picture frames around the house.  I went around the entire house looking at certain areas and thinking what I would like to add or take away, and so far I have came up with this plan:

*take toy box out of son's room and put in basement.
*add a shelf on his wall to place decorative items that coordinate with his room theme (we have shelf just needs to be put up).
*repaint a bench I purchased from a yard sale back in Maryland and place in our bedroom.
*move some of my pictures and knick knacks around into different rooms.
*rearrange some furniture in living room

I have a lot of ideas that I would like to do and will be hitting up some yard sales when they start here in Alaska.  Tomorrow we will be going to an auction and I am hoping to find some good deals.  Some of the items that I will be looking for will be:

*picture frames for our bedroom to hang on wall and a few for around the house (I plan on putting some pictures of the hubby and I from over the years in our room).
*an area rug for the basement (making the kids playroom in the basement more comfortable and inviting for them)
*an armchair or comfortable chaise to put in our bedroom for a reading area for myself
*a little bookshelf for my reading area (I have a little cute bookshelf already but will need one to replace it).

My goal is to use what I already have on hand but I know that I will need to purchase some items, but I plan to do that frugally ;)

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  1. HOpe you'll share some pictures as you go! I always need inspiration for sprucing up my home!

  2. I know what you mean about the yard sales. It is so nice to find what you're looking for without the retail price tag. Happy yard saling!



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