17 March 2010

The Start of Our 22 Hours of Light....

After spending over five months of limited darkness; I am happy to say that we are starting our 22 hours of daylight.  I can start seeing the sun rising over the Alaskan mountain range around 7am, and it is dusk around 8pm.  So we went from four hours of daylight to 13 hours in just about a month.  Ohhhhh how I have missed the big yellow thing in the sky ;)

The other night I took a picture of what the sky looks like at 8pm here in Fairbanks.  I apologize that there is no pretty sun setting behind the mountains, but my backyard is nothing spectacular (when looking out my back window I see houses).  
***8pm at night***

Of course, last night when I was arriving home from my blessings soccer practice I saw a beautiful sunset picture moment but unfortunately did not have my camera.  (You would think I have learned to carry my camera at all times living here in Alaska).

***sunrise over the Alaskan Range***

The start of this 22 hour of sunlight works for me ;)

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  1. I could not imagine living in a place like that. Wow. The part that is starting now sounds great, but going without the sun all that other time? No thanks!

  2. WOW! That is a lot of light. When we were stationed in northern Japan, the sun would rise early like 3:30 so had to get the light blocking curtains. :D



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