14 January 2010

Day 14 of Eating from the Pantry

Today  is grocery shopping!!!!  YAY!!! I never thought I would be this excited to go grocery shopping.  I think my family is just as excited as I am.  My husband even text me yesterday and said "tomorrow is shopping day right?"  I almost went shopping yesterday but instead I bought McDonalds =( I rather of went grocery shopping. 
However, I did find a new recipe for the hubby out of this challenge.  On Monday, I made almost like a burrito/enchilada type of meal.  I used tortillas, rice, black beans, chicken breast cut into bite size pieces, cream of chicken, and sprinkled cheddar cheese on top.  I didn't eat it, but the hubby did and he said it was good, and suggested using cream of mushroom.  So, when I go shopping I will be picking up some mushrooms to make my own cream of mushroom soup

I do have to say, I reached my goal of doing two weeks in the challenge!!!! YAY!!!  I originally planned on doing two weeks because of the small stockpile we already had.  I have been debating on continuing or stopping.  I really do not want to stop because I feel that we have done really well with this challenge.  I think that my two little blessings are realizing that we should be happy with what we have. 

I have decided that I will continue, but will adjust a few things.  I am increasing our food allowance from $100 to $150.  I will be running to the store either the end of next week or the beginning of the following week to pick up some more produce and/or dairy items.  The reason why I am increasing our budget is because I do need to stock up on some more produce, baking supplies, and we need dog food. 

I have come to realized that most of the prepackaged food I used to buy, I can make from scratch.  For example, I just recently purchased with a gift card the Betty Crocker cookbook.  (Thank you to my dear Alaskan friend ;)  I was looking for some snack items or anything to make with the items I had on hand.  I came across a recipe for butterscotch brownies.  After reading the ingredients and seeing that I had them all I decided to make them the next day.  I am so glad I did, they are SOOOOO GOOD.  The best part....it was all from scratch, no prepackaged nothing.  I thought at first I would need some type of butterscotch but nope I didn't.  The vanilla and brown sugar took care of that.  When the brownies had cooled, I made a white icing to pour on top.  Oh my goodness!  Who knew baking from scratch good taste so good!

I am happy that I have decided to do this challenge.  I have learned a few things and my blessings have learned some things also.  Such as mom can make brownies from scratch and they taste good!!

How are you doing with this challenge?  Have you found any new recipes?  If you are not doing the challenge, did you try any new recipes? 

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