11 May 2015

All Things New

Today I begin day two of my detox. I had great results from week one AND I overcame temptations many times throughout the week. During this detox I am NOT having sugar, alcohol, caffeine, dairy, or gluten. I have switched over to cleaner personal hygiene products as well because I have learned a lot about mineral oils and how it traps in the toxins our bodies are trying to release. I need to release all these toxins my body has held in for almost my entire life. The more I cleanse my body on the inside and out, the more toxins I can release.

Yesterday, during church the worship team sang a song referring to making all things new. Now of course this was going on as I am trying to drink a 32 ounce bottle of cleansing juice. Ironic?  I think not. But then the more I sang this song the more I realized something. As I detox, I am releasing all of the toxins; all things that are not good for my body. Just as I release these toxins I am making my body new, just as Christ did for us. Once we are born again, He wipes all of our sins away.

We are made new.

All we have done in our past that we are not proud of is wiped away. He has forgiven us and has given us a new path. A new life. He has made us new. Our sins are like toxins within our body. We need to release them and the only way to do that is falling at His feet. Confessing our sins. And living our life for Him.

Is it easy?

No. We will have temptations. The enemy will come to attack because he does not want us turning to Him. However, the more we read His word, spend time in prayer and at His feet the more we can release the toxins or sin out of our life. Trust me when I say we will sin because we sin daily, but keeping our eyes on Him allows us to sin less and to release more of the toxins within us.

What do you need to release from your life? 

Take it to Him. He is waiting to help you. Trust in Him. 

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