22 April 2015

A Wake-Up Call That Changed Our Life And Diet

Last December I received a phone call from my husband. He told me he was having ANOTHER episode and I needed to bring him to the emergency room. My husband was at work and I told him to call the ambulance and I would be there as soon as I can. I cannot tell you the thoughts going through my head. 
I was a mess!

My husband had done what the doctors call “the million dollar testing." He had every test completed on him to determine what was happening. In the end they gave him a diagnosis (for my husband's privacy I will not announce the diagnosis).  When I first heard the diagnosis I did not believe that is what he had, but who am I? I am no doctor and plus he just had all this testing done so the doctors had to be right. Since the testing he has seen a couple other doctors who do not agree with the diagnosis. Either way it was a wake-up call for our family.

One of those wake-up calls was our diet. We needed to clean it up.

My husband started making healthy changes to his diet. The biggest, hugest, greatest, awesomeness (love my words?) accomplishment is quitting Mountain Dew!!! My husband loved his Mountain Dew and could finish a 12-pack within two days. He would drink water but not as much as he should. I am so proud of him for quitting. He now drinks about a gallon of water a day!

I am so proud of him!

Not only has he given up soda BUT he is all about clean-eating as long as it tastes good (in his words). For the past couple of months I have found some different recipes to try and started incorporating small changes such as using coconut oil rather than canola oil or almond milk rather than regular milk. To my surprise the family has not really noticed the changes.


Now I am making even more changes and they are completely in love with the changes! As am I! My daughter told me last night that she feels healthier. The hubby has lost weight since he started clean eating. My son tends to be my picky eater and I haven’t heard anything negative from him with the food changes. I am in love with the changes because I know I am making healthy, clean meals for my family.

I have read that food (processed food) can make us sick and cause many illnesses and I believe this. (The family and I just watched a documentary that confirms this belief even more!) My husband has not had any episodes since we changed his eating habits. Our grocery budget is still the same and we can afford the cleaner foods because we cut out a lot of the processed foods. Now, we are not 100% clean-eating but I would say we are sitting at about 75-80%. I still have some changes to make but overall I am very pleased with our new lifestyle. 

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