07 November 2014

My Daughter Just You Wait

Okay y’all I am a Minnesota girl living in Wisconsin. I NEVER thought I would ever live in Wisconsin. Now nothing is wrong with Wisconsin. It is very similar to Minnesota except for all the cheese but overall very similar. I mean I am a Minnesota girl and growing up all I heard was the rivalry between Minnesota and Wisconsin. Well, mainly between the Vikings and the Packers.

Anyways, about 13 years ago we were stationed in Minneapolis. My husband and I loved it. We were centrally located in the Twin Cities or we Minnesota folk call it “the cities.” It was great living there. My family was about two and half hours away and my in-laws were about 10 hours away. When my husband had four day weekends we would travel to Indiana to visit his family.

Now this is usually how our trip to Indiana went:

Husband arrived home Thursday evening around 4pm. He would go in to change his uniform while I was packing up the car and putting our daughter in her car seat. Then we would head east towards Indiana. About seven hours later, okay actually about four hours later after getting out of the cities traffic, we would always end up stopping in this small town in Wisconsin. This small town had a military base about 10-15 miles down the road. With my husband and me being military we knew about this small place. I remember telling my husband how I could NEVER live here. I mean there was nothing there except Wal-Mart and some other places. It was like farm country! Ummm, I am a straight city girl. 

I would say this EVERY time we drove through this town!

Fast forward to now. Today. Thirteen years later.

Guess who was stationed at this small town that I would NEVER live in?

Yep. This girl right here.

Y’all, never say never.

I bet God was laughing at me each time I said that statement. He was probably saying, “ohhhhh my daughter just you wait.” Yep, probably laughing at this Minnesota girl who said she would NEVER live here.

Not only do we live here BUT we decided to RETIRE here.

Did y’all get that?


Yep, He was laughing the whole time.

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