06 November 2014

Breaking The Chain I Put On Myself

Last month my daughter and I had the privilege of attending a Women of Faith conference in St. Paul, Minnesota. We had such an awesome and blessed time. We bonded. We laughed. We were exhausted. We were blessed to hear some fabulous speakers, which one of those speakers was my favorite author, Lysa TerKeurst. The one thing Lysa said that stuck out to me had a huge impact on me.

She mentioned how she loves how her friend Christine Caine says, “Get off Facebook and into The Book.” That statement hit me like a pile of bricks. Ummm, hello conviction. I needed to hear this exact statement. Prior to this conference I was reading my Bible and doing my Bible studies BUT I did just enough. When I was bored I would find myself going on my Facebook app or Instagram app rather than His Word.


Last week I truly felt led by Him to fast from my personal Facebook page. I did not hesitate. I knew I needed to do this fast. I sent out a message to my homeschool co-op leaders that I would be stepping away from my personal page. I told them if they needed me they could text or email me. I then went and deleted my Facebook app. I kept my messenger app just in case someone needed to email me because I tend to get emails from my homeschool co-op parents throughout the month. I also left my TFN Facebook page because I did not feel led to fast from it.

Let me tell you how refreshed and less distracted I was during that week of fasting!! I truly enjoyed it and honestly dreaded having to go back on Facebook. The only reason why I went back on was because we have co-op this week and I needed to do some behind the scene work on our closed Facebook group. I never added the app back to my phone.

I found during the week of fasting how much more I was praying. I thought I was praying a lot before but I learned otherwise. I was less distracted. I completed more things during the day and I felt more organized. I dug even deeper into His Word. I was completely focused on Him.

I decided I would do this more often. Like as much as possible.

Breaking the chain I had put on myself.

Lysa also mentioned, “How we need to put Him first; first thing in the morning even if it is one verse.” Again conviction. I did my Bible reading in the morning but was I putting it first? Not all the time. She challenged us to read at least one verse first thing in the morning, every morning. I accepted the challenge and what a difference it has made in my days. I wake each morning and grab my phone to read the daily Bible verse on my Bible app. I then meditate on the words and pray until I sit down to dig deeper into His Word.

Can I challenge you to do the same? Will you read at least one verse each morning?
More of Him….

I Choose Joy!

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