06 May 2014

We Have Two Choices

Hubby is out of work for two weeks. We can sit and complain about how this could be a burden to our family. He used the rest of his personal leave. We will not receive a full paycheck next pay period.  Many negatives exist in this situation. However, all I can do is praise God for this time off.

The time off allows our family to re-connect again. We have the opportunity to go to church as a whole family because hubby works every other weekend. We have more nights of sitting down and eating dinner as a whole family. Hubby and son can go outside and shoot the BB gun. Hubby can teach little man how to mow the yard. We can take a family walk. Hubby can watch the blessings in their karate classes.

Hubby has the opportunity to rest and heal.

Hubby has only been home a few days but the family is reconnecting and become stronger.  I did not notice how much we have started to disconnect from one another. We still did our family dinners, family walks, prayers, extracurricular activities, church, and together time. However, it was not until this time did I realize how much we needed this time together. Two weeks of no work. No distractions. Nothing but bonding.

We have two choices in this situation; Complain or rejoice.

We choose rejoice!

Rejoicing and praising God for allowing us to have this time together.

1 comment:

  1. I'm sorry to hear your husband is unwell but what a blessed attitude you have!



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