08 May 2014

Just a Speck

Sometimes the struggles we face in life can literally push us to the ground. We cannot bear the weight of the burdens we feel in our life. The valleys seem deeper and the journey to the mountaintop seems impossible.  You know God is with you. You feel Him. You know He is working behind the scenes. You know His timing is perfect. You begin to wonder how much longer you can continue to bear the weight. You feel your knees starting to buckle. You yell out to Him to hold you up.

You pray daily and many times throughout the day. You read His Word. You walk daily with Him. You have faith. You do not doubt He is with you. You know He is right beside you holding your hand. At times He is embracing you while you let your tears fall.

He cries with you.

You cry to Him telling Him that this is too much. You know that His yoke is easy and His burden is light. You know you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. You know these things. You hear them daily when you cry to Him. You know all things are possible with God. You truly know this but you begin to ask yourself, “If I know this then why do I feel so weak? Why do I feel so defeated?”

You do not know how much more you can handle. You pray asking, pleading, with Him to give you something. Lord, just a speck of something. You cry telling Him you need something good to occur in your life.

Lord just a speck.

Days pass. You feel yourself becoming weary. You continue to have faith. You continue to trust Him. You continue your walk. Never giving up on Him because He does not give up on you. You draw closer to Him and He draws closer to you. You still need a speck of His work in your life. A speck that you can see or feel.

Then your knees buckle.

You are down. You are broken. Your heart aches. You cannot carry the burdens that you are feeling. You want to fix everything but you cannot. You wonder when you will reach the mountaintop and leave this valley you seem to have dwelled in. Again, you cry out to Him for help.

Just a speck.

You ask what you can do. Lord I need guidance. HELP ME! A name comes to mind. You know you are to speak with her. You step out of your comfort zone and ask if you can talk. She agrees. You pour your heart out to her. The tears cannot be controlled. The tears pour down your face. She sits with you, she hugs you, she gives you scriptures, and she prays for you. You feel the burdens beginning to lift.

You need that hug and encouragement from your sister in Christ, which you know came from Him.

The next morning you are ready to tackle the day. You feel stronger. You thank Him for that time last night. For that speck He has given you. The speck of friendship and love from another believer.

Then the phone rings. Your caller id shows who is calling. You smile knowing this is going to be good. It is one of your spiritual mothers. She calls because God told her too. She calls to offer encouragement. She calls to pray with you. You both are crying. You open your heart to her. You tell her you are tired but you know He is there with you. You tell her you do not know how much longer you have to deal with this valley that seems to be getting deeper and deeper.

She responds, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6-7

Awe yes. You know this scripture well.

He has given you that speck you prayed for. Although it was not exactly what you asked for, it was exactly what you needed. He knows what we need even when we do not realize it. You needed that hug. You needed those moments where your tears fall. You needed the prayer from your sister in Christ and your spiritual mother. You needed the encouragement.  

You needed just a speck and He shows you even more.


  1. Oh I long for the day when I have such a friend and or a spiritual mother/mother mentor. Been here for going on 13 years and have to find such people.

    1. Oh how I will pray for you!
      Lord Jesus, please send a spiritual mother to this child of Yours. Lord, You know exactly who this person needs in their life. Lord, I pray for blessings for this person. Please send that right person into this person's life. A person who will hold their hand, pray for them, guide them, and love them. In Jesus' name!



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