11 May 2014

Menu Plan for 11 May-17 May


I am so proud of my family. Not once did we stray from our menu last week. I had no complaints from anyone about what was on the menu. Normally, the kids will say, “mom, what’s for lunch or dinner?” Then they usually answer themselves before I can answer, “whatever you want?”  Most of the time the answer was correct. I know God opened my eyes during this time to show me where I was lacking. I needed to get back onto menu planning! I always wonder why I stray from menu planning.

I am praying this week runs as smoothly as last week!

Sunday~ cereal

                eat out


Monday~ monkeybread

                  peanut butter and banana sandwiches

                  tater tot casserole

Tuesday~ bagels

                  sandwiches with fruit

                  Italian chicken with carrots and potatoes

Wednesday~ french toast

                       homemade chicken nuggets with yogurt


Thursday~ cereal

                    Homeschool co-op picnic

                     grilled turkey and cheese or leftovers

Friday~ cinnamon rolls



Saturday~ pancakes and bacon



Here is to another new week!

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