12 May 2014

No More App

With technology today, we have the ability to have the Bible at our fingertips. We have apps available to us that give us His Word. Most Bible apps allow us to highlight scriptures that speak to us or provide reading plans or even devotionals. Nowadays we should not have an excuse as to why we cannot read His Word. I have an app on my phone and it is very convenient. I can access the Bible no matter where I am and also search for certain scriptures. However, I do not use it to read anymore.

Awhile back I found myself opening up my Bible, not the Bible app, but the real hold in my hands book. I began using that each morning with my Bible readings. During my readings I would find some scriptures that I had highlighted and notes written in the margins from the past. I felt more connected holding this Bible in my hands and seeing highlighted scriptures compared to the highlighted scriptures in the Bible app.

Then it came to me.

I cannot pass down my Bible app to my children when I am called Home. Technology changes so much and becomes outdated as quickly as it comes out. However, the actual hold in your hand book does not. My two blessings will have the opportunity to open up my Bible and hold it in their hands. They will see the highlighted scriptures and notes. They will be able to have a part of me with them as they read His Word.

The blessings will turn the pages I had turned. They will read the same words I had read. They will see the highlighted scriptures that spoke to me. The notes written in the margin. My handwritten notes.

What greater tangible gift can I leave for my blessings?

My blessings will remember their mom reading this very same book. Remembering her highlighting the scriptures. Writing notes in the margin. Seeing this book everywhere in their childhood home.  This same book they hold in their very hands. This same book that once was held by their mother.

This cannot be done with an app.

821. The warming weather

822. The blessing from our spiritual parents

823. A phone call from my spiritual mother right when I needed it

824. A free hotel room

825. Hubby’s time off from work after his surgery

826. Menu planning

827. A broken relationship now mended

828. Family time around the fire pit

829. Close friends that I can laugh and cry with

830. Those who continue to pray for us

1 comment:

  1. Totally agree! I find myself only using the app for research and reading in church.



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