14 May 2014

A Little Overnight Vacation

A couple weeks ago we had to travel a little over two hours for hubby’s surgery. We decided to travel down the night prior to his surgery so hubby could get a goodnight’s rest and we did not have to wake at 2:30am the day of surgery. It was a win/win for all of us. We found a hotel with a pool and only a couple miles from the hospital. Our plan for the evening was to eat dinner, allow the blessings to swim in the pool, and then prepare for the next day. We were all excited for this little overnight vacation.

When we arrived at our hotel we discovered it was right across the street from the state capital building. The blessings thought that was pretty neat. Then we discovered there was free valet for hotel guests. Could not complain about that. We walked into the hotel lobby and thought it was very nice. After we walked around the lobby we discovered this hotel had been standing since the early 1900s. The hotel had obviously been renovated over the years but one could still see the former years intertwined within the building. I wish I had taken some pictures of the inside of this hotel. The hotel was really beautiful.
After dinner we returned to our room to prepare for the pool. The blessings could not wait to swim the night away. The blessings jumped in the frigid pool but said, ‘don’t worry mom you will warm up.’ They blessings had found some change at the bottom of the pool and made it their mission to pick up each coin. When my husband got into the pool he found the pool to be dirty and a cigarette butt was floating in the water in this non-smoking hotel pool. Instantly everyone got out.

We were disappointed in not being able to swim but getting upset was not going to help matters. The hubby went to the front desk to inform the staff of the condition of the pool while the blessings and I went back to our room. We had to wake early the next day anyways so we decided to just prepare for bed. As showers were completed we found the water in the tub was not draining. Maintenance came to our room to fix-it but without success. By this time our blessings are asleep and did not want to wake them to switch rooms.

The next morning as we went to check-out of our room we were told “we apologize for the condition of the pool and your room; your stay is on us.”


 We were not expecting this at all. Overall, we thought the hotel was wonderful. The hotel and our room were very clean besides the pool of course, and we all sleep very well. We did not expect to receive a free night!

This worked for us and was truly a blessing!

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