05 May 2014

Menu Plan for May 5th-May 10th


The past month and a half has been absolutely crazy. During this time hubby has had yet another surgery. This past surgery was to correct the last surgery that was labeled as a fail. We pray this is his last. This being his first surgery as a civilian we have had some realization. First, when his surgeries were done in the military we did not need to worry about loss of pay. Second, we did not need to think about co-pays and such. Now as a civilian reality hits. We knew we were blessed in the military. We knew that and were thankful for the medical coverage. This last surgery the doctors are keeping him out of work for two weeks. A whole pay period.

Thankfully we had some money set aside. Hubby picked up a few extra shifts at his second job, which helps us until the next pay period. Also, hubby used two days leave at his regular job, which will be on the next pay period. Thank goodness otherwise we would not have a paycheck for the month of May!

 If God can care for the birds, He surely cares for His children.

God is taking care of us. We have no stress about the lack of funds coming in for this month. Good thing we know how to live frugally. One area that truly helps save money is menu planning. I have slacked in this area for many months. I prepared my menu for this week and I believe the rest of the family is happy. The blessings like to see what is for each meal and of course they like to see if there are any “eating out” meals planned for the week.

Monday~ cinnamon rolls

                  pizza bagels

                  chicken ranch tacos

Tuesday~ french toast sticks

                  apple and peanut butter wraps

                  cheesy chicken with broccoli and rice

Wednesday~ waffles

                        sandwiches and fruit

                        creamy chicken noodle soup

Thursday~ cereal

                     leftover soup and grilled cheese

                     eating out

Friday~ snickerdoodle cake



Saturday~ cereal

                   sandwiches or leftovers

                  crock-pot mac and cheese

Now I feel life has become more organized!

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