11 February 2014

Old Bessie

One area that we are focusing on this year is becoming debt-free. We are giving up our newer car with a very large payment and paying cash for a “new to us” car. We ran some numbers and figured out how much we could afford. Our budget was $1,500 and the highest we could go was $1,600. The hunt began for a car.

Hubby was checking Craigslist and the for sale sites on Facebook many times throughout the day. I know pretty much nothing about cars so I decided I would do what I do best. Pray. After a few days of searching and praying, hubby found a car that was half our budget. Of course, like most people we thought this was too good to be true. Hubby contacted the seller and asked millions a few questions. The exterior of the car had a few minor rust spots and the interior was in pretty good shape. The car is for hubby to drive to and from work so it does not have to be pretty. He decided he would drive the hour one way to take a look at it. He brought a friend of his who knew a lot about cars with him. I prayed the entire time. I sent a text message to my Wednesday night ladies group to please pray for us.

Then my phone rang. It was the hubby. He began to tell me about the car. Finally, I could not contain myself any longer. DID YOU BUY IT???? He chuckles and says, “I’m driving it now and will be home shortly, so yes I bought it.” I let out a sigh of relief BUT we weren’t done yet. We needed to have it checked out by a mechanic to ensure nothing major was wrong with it. Sadly, we thought it was a trustworthy mechanic but come to find out he wasn’t. So we found a few friends who looked it over and they all said it needed new rear tires. Just rear tires?

Again, hubby is back to Craigslist and the sale sites on Facebook. Within 24 hours hubby is contacted by a gentleman who told the hubby that he has the tires we need and will charge only $15 per tire. SCORE!! Hubby went that same day picked up the tires and the following day had them put on. Then we need a cover for inside the trunk. Hubby contacted the junk yard a few miles from our home and they had a cover for $20.

In all, we spent $1,106 for this “new to us” car. Hubby calls her “old Bessie.” God is so good!

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  1. I call my big mammoth of an old SUV Bessie!



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