10 February 2014

You Can Overcome

I recently started reading the book of Revelation.  I am only in chapter three and I cannot tell you how many times I have seen the word “overcome.”  I knew that God was trying to tell me something. What was He trying to say? I am not sure. One thing I am sure of is that He wants us to overcome.

He wants us to overcome the battles we are facing.

He wants us to overcome the chains that are bearing down on us.

He wants us to overcome our pasts that are hindering our futures.

He wants us to overcome the evil that is trying to make a way in our life.

He wants us to overcome this world so when it is time we can sit with Him.

Each time I read the word “overcome,” this song would come to mind (this song is very encouraging!). We are overcomers! God has equipped us to overcome anything we are facing. It is up to us to allow Him to help us. What are you battling you right now?

Do not fear because you can overcome it!

811. Our new-to-us car

812. God providing us with a car that is 50% LESS than our budget

813. Coffee with friends

814. Waking up early before the family

815. Automatic car starters

816. Fellowship with other homeschool families

817. Overcoming past battles

818. Watching my husband bonding with his children

819. My son wanting prayer when he is feeling ill

820. Spiritual mothers

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for your encouragement today! We can overcome and God will be with us every step of the way. Visiting you from Ann's link up!
    Blessings, Mary!



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