13 February 2014

Help Me Lord

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We all have been in situations where we are around people that we have a hard time being around. People that are so difficult to like or even love. People who just get under our skin. People we want to avoid. People we just cannot stand. Harsh words? Yes. True for many people? Yes.

I have been in these situations. I have been around people that I just have a hard time with and during that time my skin is crawling. I am trying to bite my tongue and praying God holds tight to my tongue so I do not lash out verbally and regretting what I said. These are hard situations to be in. So, how do we fix this? Do we just completely avoid this person or people? What if God has put us in their life or them in our life for a reason?

A few years ago I was in this situation. I prayed asking God to help me. During this time I asked God to please show me how He sees this person. I needed to see how God sees this person. I knew God did not see them as an annoying, drive Him nuts kind of person. I needed to see this person the way God sees them. I needed my heart to change.

The next time I was around this person how differently I saw them. My heart ached for them. I felt bad for them. I wanted to just grab them, hug them, and apologize for my actions even though they may not have known my feelings. God showed me how He saw this person.
I was humbled.

When I hear my blessings or husband tell me about a certain person they are having a difficult time with I tell them to ask God to show them how He sees them.

Do you need to ask God to show you how He sees someone?

This song by Brandon Heath is a great reminder. If you are reading this in email please click here. I pray you take the time to really listen to the words he speaks and meditate on them.

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