15 January 2014

Snow Ice Cream

I do not know why I did not try this in Alaska. I mean I never would have had to buy ice cream for most of the time we lived there! Just recently for our homeschool co-op I made snow ice cream. We were talking about the winter weather and what better way to end our lesson then by having snow ice cream?!?! Now for those who live where snow exists this is going to be easy. For those who do not have snow, well…..

Making snow ice cream is super easy! There are a few variations that one could use. I tried this variation last week. Last night I tried using sweetened condensed milk. I prefer the sweetened condensed milk but the other variation works well too. The blessings thought either was good. Of course!


Gallon of fresh snow

14 ounce can of sweetened condensed milk

1-2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Ice cream toppings

1. Put snow in a large bowl

2. Add the milk and vanilla. Mix really well.

3. Add toppings
Have you tried snow ice cream before?

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