17 January 2014

Have You Let Go?

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Are you fighting a battle?

Are the weekends just as hard as the weekdays?

Do you feel defeated?

Staying in bed with the covers pulled over your head is the only thing you want to do?

Remember you do not have to fight any battle alone. Kneel. Pray. Call out to Him. Cry. Scream. Say His Name, Jesus. Do not let the enemy get a foothold on you. You staying in bed or not allowing God to fight your battles is exactly what the enemy wants. The enemy wins. The enemy wants to keep you down. The more you withdraw from God and not let Him fight for you is another step away. The enemy wants to see you sad, miserable, depressed, angry, and withdrawing from God. The enemy will do anything to keep you from Him.

So what do you do in these times?

Turn to Him.

Fall onto your knees and cry to Him. Surrender yourself to Him. Yell at His name, Jesus, and the enemy will flee. You can do this. You are not defeated. He is with you holding your hand. He has never let go.

The question is: have you let go of His hand?

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