20 January 2014

Another Item Checked Off

Our quiet time with Him should be just with Him. We should not be rushing through our time or thinking about the laundry that needs to be thrown in the washer. We need to keep our full focus on Him during that time. Many of us take time each day to be with Him but are we truly with Him? Are we truly focused on Him?

I am guilty of this. I thought I spent my time with just Him, but He showed me otherwise. Last night during our evening service our pastor gave us time to be with Him. Not just to be with Him but to ask Him what He wanted us to change or improve on. I closed my eyes and I asked Him to block all sounds that were around me. I truly wanted to focus on Him and hear Him. Once I heard what He had placed in my heart I felt conviction. Thank goodness I serve a forgiving God. Immediately I asked for forgiveness. Once it was on my heart I was able to look back and see exactly where I was lacking.

I was not fully focused during my time with Him.

Every morning I sit at my kitchen table, drink my coffee while reading His Word. Then I take my time to pray. I thought I was giving my all but He knows when we are not. Last night I realized that yes I would sit at the table and read but what was I thinking about during that time? Was I focusing on what I was reading or more worried about my to-do list for the day? Or putting the laundry in the wash? Or trying to get my reading and prayer time done before my family woke up? Or was I trying to get it done so I could hurry and write a blog post before the family woke?

I was rushing.

I was rushing my time with Him. I was crossing an item off my to-do list. I was not wholeheartedly focused on Him. During this quiet time with Him I asked Him how I could improve in this area. When we ask Him how to improve we really need to be prepared for His answer. We need to really be ready to improve when we ask Him because sometimes what He reveals will bring conviction or even cause us to be uncomfortable. I felt conviction.

I spend some time in the morning with Him, but spend more time pinning items on Pinterest or Facebook. God wants us to enjoy these items but He also wants our time with Him. If I am spending more time on these sites and not in His Word then I am placing these items above Him. I now understand He wants me to work on time management for Him as well as the other areas in my life. The first and last thing I need for my day is His Word. I need to stop rushing my time with Him and truly focus on Him.

He is not an item on a to-do list.

787. Conviction from Him

788. A great homeschool week

789. New friends

790. Watching football together as a family

791. Coffee

793. Homeschooling

794. My church

795. Our chore chart

796. Warmer weather

797. Watching falling snow

798. A shoveled driveway

799. Having a close relationship with my children

800.  My husband

Although I have been distracted during my time with Him, He still blesses me…

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  1. Amen! I definitely relate to this post, and have recently realized that I tend to rush my time with Him. Thanks for this reminder!.



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