21 January 2014

Overwhelmed With Gratitude

Before my husband and I married we discussed our expectations of marriage and how we would raise our children. We heard each other’s beliefs, wants, and needs in all different areas that go with marriage. One area that we felt very strongly in was I would stay home with our children. We both wanted our children to have a parent home with them. Neither my husband nor I had this growing up. Well, I did but not until my teenage years. Thankfully we were able to do this because the pay my husband received in the Army allowed us to do this.

As my two blessings got older and the time for them to go to school was never in question. They would go to public school just as we did. I never thought God would call me to homeschool. I am so grateful He did! Although we have our moments of frustration and sometimes tears, the fun we have overpowers all that. I know I am blessed to have the opportunity to stay home with my blessings and although sometimes I take that for granted, God quickly humbles me.

When my husband and I decided that I would stay home with our children, we never thought homeschooling would be a part of that equation. However, God did.

 My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude.


  1. God knows best and you were listening. God Bless you each day as you teach them



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