14 January 2014

An Icy Situation

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Dave Ramsey says when you are trying to get out of debt to increase your income. So that is what the husband and I did. I found a part-time job and hubby picked up a second job delivering pizzas. He enjoys working with the people, meeting the customers, and we cannot forget the tip money is nice. My husband is a people person. He loves to talk and meet new people. This job is perfect for him.

Wisconsin has dealt with some warmer temps over the weekend. Trust me no one was complaining. The warmer temps were causing melting snow during the day and ice forming at night. While out on a delivery Saturday night, my husband slipped on ice. Let me form a picture in your mind. Have you seen the first Home Alone movie? Okay, remember the part where the burglar was trying to break into the home and slipped on ice? Remember when he slipped, his feet went out from beneath him and he literally was parallel to the ground then landed on his back? Have that image? Well, that is exactly what happened to hubby with the exception my husband fell on stairs and the edge of the stair went right into his lower back where he already suffers from a bulging disc and arthritis.

After it happened he called me and told me he had to go to urgent care. Before I left I sent a message on Facebook asking our prayer warriors to please pray. I began to pray, asking for no broken bones or serious injuries. I thanked God that he did not hit his head when he fell. I met my husband at his work and took him to the urgent care. While he was there the doctor checked his back and ordered x-rays. We waited and prayed. The doctor returns with the results of his x-rays. No broken bones. End result: a contusion. Praise God! Hubby walked away from this horrible fall with a bruise and large scrape on his back. The doctor gave him two days off of work and told hubby he would be very sore the next couple of days.

I had to work the next day and prayed that hubby would wake up with minimal to no pain. When my husband woke up the next day he said he was a little sore but could move around okay. Throughout the day my husband was getting stronger and the soreness was literally gone. He had moments where the soreness would set in but that was due to the way he sat down or moved.

His fall could have caused serious damage to his already broken body, but God kept that from happening. It hurts me to know that he had such a terrible fall. I will not forget the sound of his voice when he called me that night. However, I will always thank God for protecting my husband from any serious injuries that could have occurred.



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