28 January 2014

Plans Change

I am thankful for the days where we have nothing to do outside our home. The days where we can lounge around in our comfy clothes, fuzzy socks, hair a mess, and no urgency to get things done.  The days where we stay in bed a little longer than normal. The days where we are thankful for days like these.

The blessings and I were supposed to head north to spend a few days with one of my sisters. The three of us were really looking forward to this week. The blessings had a countdown and the days were not coming fast enough for them. I had to work this past weekend, which meant we would have left yesterday. However, our plans changed. Little man had gotten sick over the weekend. Sunday morning I made the decision that even if he had gotten better we would not go out of town. I wanted little man to rest. My blessings were very disappointed that we were not going, but understood the importance of us staying home.

I was disappointed as well. I was excited to see my family and ready to spend much needed time with my nieces and nephews. However, just like the blessings I knew it was important to stay home and allow little man’s body to heal. When I looked at Cali to see what our schedule was for this week I saw the blessing. I have nothing on the calendar. No appointments. Nowhere to be. Of course nothing was on the schedule because we are not supposed to be here.

At that moment I decided to accept the blessing. The blessing of no time constraints. The blessing of comfy clothes and fuzzy socks. The blessing of no urgency. The blessing of staying home in our warm home while the wind blows outside. The blessing of staying home and being still.

Yes, I would LOVE to be at my sister’s, but sometimes God has other plans for us. Sometimes we do not know or understand His plans, but knowing that His plans are to prosper us and not to harm is comforting in itself.

I accept this blessing of a clear schedule for the week.

The blessing to be still….

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  1. So, I am gonna be thankful for the wearing of fuzzy socks today!



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