29 January 2014

Our Homeschool Co-op

The first and third Thursday of every month is something the blessings and I look forward to. The blessings and I are a part of an awesome group with awesome families. My blessings look forward to these Thursdays and are disappointed if we miss. Our homeschool co-op is a day where we can gather with friends and have a day of learning.

This year I felt God leading me to step up and become a leader of our co-op. I was very apprehensive because I do not like being in front of people speaking. I have no problems stepping up and helping when needed, but leading? God was really having me step out of my comfort zone. As God was leading me to take the role of leadership, my closest friend, and co-leader, felt God was leading her take a step back. God now had me as the leader. Full leader. I was completely terrified. I am such a people pleaser when it comes to large groups like this that I was worried about pleasing everyone. I begged God to have someone else lead.

Of course, God had other plans. God was not making me do this on my own. He sent three other fabulous ladies to step up and take on this role as well. He also reminded me that we have amazing families in our co-op and each of them has stepped up to help when we need it. Comfort. He brought me comfort.

I still have my moments of uneasiness and fear but He quickly reminds me that I am not doing this alone. He is with me and guiding me along. Plus, He states plenty of times in His Word not to fear. If He called me to it then I can have comfort knowing that He will not forsake me.

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