10 January 2014

Cali: Our New Edition

Last fall our life began to really change after hubby retired from the Army. Hubby now had a new full-time job along with a part-time job. I had recently started a part-time job outside the home. Now add in our church activities, doctor appointments, library books due, homeschool co-op, visiting with friends, company arriving, and daily chores. I began to become very overwhelmed trying to keep up. Of course, I was lacking time management and organization. No wonder why I am working on those two areas this year.

I needed to find a way to keep our family organized because our phone calendars were not cutting it. Hubby and I would put our work schedules or appointments into our phones and then we would sync our calendars. This was not working for us. One of us would forget to add something to the calendar or the phones would not sync. Our schedules were a mess. Then I went “old-school.”
I went to the store, bought this little table calendar, started putting in our appointments, and schedules. I explained to my family that any events, appointments, work schedules, library books due, and anything else that deals with our daily life goes into this book. We figured since this new book would play a large part in our schedules; why not give it a name? So we did!

Meet Cali!

Cali is the new edition to our family and she plays a vital role in the running of our schedules. When an event arises or if the hubby is asked to pick up a shift at his second job we turn to Cali. We do not agree to participate in something or pick up a shift until we are “advised” by Cali. I am so glad we brought Cali home. She has helped organize our family with events, schedules, and keeping us from receiving library fines!
We LOVE Cali!

How do you manage your family’s schedules? Do you use an “old school” method or “new age” technology?

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