28 August 2013

Buy, Sell, or Trade

Many people who are looking to make extra money tend to have a yard sale. Hubby and I just had a yard sale earlier this month and God truly blessed us. I love having yard sales because I can get rid of a lot of our stuff while making money off of it. However, there is a downfall to yard sales. They take a lot of work! Pricing, setting up, organizing, and taking down. Then turn around the next day to do it all over again. Yard sales can be exhausting!

For a while the hubby would use Craigslist to post some of our items and we have made some good money on that. Craigslist is a great way to get rid of items and make money. Hubby and I noticed that we were having a harder time selling some of our items on Craigslist. We needed another way to sell some of these items that we could not sell in our yard sale.

I knew that our area had these “buy, sell, or trade” sites but I could not find them on Facebook. After speaking with a friend she added me to the three groups. At first I would just take a look at the sites to see how they work. The last thing I wanted to do was post things and not follow the rules then have people yelling at me on there.

Last week little man and I went through his room and did the “end of the summer” clean up. I had a few items that I could sell and thought why not try these sites. Within 15 minutes of me posting my items they all sold. Hmmmm that was easy! So I tried posting some of the items we did not sell in our yard sale. Within a couple hours those items sold. I am really liking this! By the time the weekend was over the hubby and I made money like we had a “real” yard sale.

When we do sale an item we meet the people at a public place unless it is an item that is just too large for us to haul. Safety first!

Do you participate in any of your local “buy, sell, or trade” groups?

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