26 August 2013

I Have No Words

God is so good!
That is all I have today.
God is so good!                
I don’t know about you but some days I just have no words and my heart is full of joy.
I continue to be amazed by His blessings…
666. Money He blessed us with this weekend
667. The rest of the kids’ schoolbooks arriving in the mail
668.  Watching little man play football
669. Seeing the excitement in little man’s eyes when he plays football
670. My daughter making strong friendships with other Christian girls her age
671. Air conditioning in this heat wave we are facing
672. A clean garage and vacuumed out vehicles
673. A free night to the local speedway with our neighbors
674. Our new homeschool schedule
675. Enjoying the last weekend with hubby before he begins his new job

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