30 July 2013

Family Time Flipping Tires

Many of you know that one of my goals for 2013 deals with fitness. For the past seven months I have tried to be consistent with my workouts and eating. I have had my moments where I fell away but I always get back on track. Lately, I have been trying to find ways to change up my workouts.

 I really do not need to go to the gym because my home is pretty equipped with workout equipment. However, there was one piece of workout equipment that I truly wanted since I saw it used on the Biggest Loser. A tractor tire. I saw the contestants flipping the tire and then would use a sledgehammer to hit the tire. I told my husband “wow, what a workout, I want one!”

Guess, what I received this weekend?

I was so excited! We were blessed to only pay $20 for the tire, which was gas money for our friend who dropped it off for us. Many of my friends and neighbors probably think I am crazy. I am sure my husband and blessings thought I had lost my mind, but they still support me. My husband and little man blessed me by washing the tire for me.
Yesterday morning was the first time I used the tire for a workout. My body is feeling the effects. The best part was that my family was out there with me. Encouraging me. Each member of my family had turns flipping the tire. Little man was struggling to flip the tire because of the size but he was determined. The best part was he was praying for strength. Melts my heart. After a few more tries he succeeded. I was surprised at how much fun they were having.

My husband and I turned it into a competition by seeing who could do more sets. I won. I only won because he had to get ready for his doctor appointment. Thank goodness he did because I do not think I have could have done anymore sets.

I definitely can see the blessings we received yesterday. Who would have thought flipping tires would bring so many blessings.

We ended our day with running at the local high school track.

I thank Him for the blessings He blessed us with yesterday.
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