29 July 2013

Menu Plan for 29 July-4 August

Well, I would love to say that we did amazing on our menus last week, but then I would be lying. I think maybe we followed the menu for one day? Maybe two at the most. We ate all of our meals at home except on Friday, which was planned, but we just did not follow the menu. We pretty much ate whatever we wanted and munched on leftovers of what I did cook.

This week we will be preparing for a yard sale and meals for Friday and Saturday will be simple.

Monday~ cinnamon rolls

                  peanut butter sandwiches and yogurt

                  tater tot casserole

Tuesday~ toast and yogurt

                  hot dogs and fruit

                   fettuccine alfredo (carried over from last week)

Wednesday~ waffles


                        grilled turkey and cheese with tater tots, and peas

Thursday~ cereal

                    sandwiches and fruit

                    baked potato bar

Friday~ muffins

               yogurt and fruit


Saturday~ doughnuts (yard sale tradition)



Sunday~ cereal

                out to eat

                 your choice

What is on your menu at your house this week? Any new recipes?

1 comment:

  1. Simple works for me! We are making moose meat quesadillas tonight out of leftovers.



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