26 June 2013

Reusing A Bagel Bag

On days that we have pancakes, waffles, or french toast I usually make a triple batch and then freeze the leftovers. When I have these items on the menu in one week, you can imagine the overflow going on in my freezer. I usually just use ziploc baggies to store the items in and then when the baggie is empty I wash it to reuse at a later time. However, I felt that I was using too many baggies then need be. A few years back I heard of someone using the bag that bagels came in. I decided to try it.

 Now when I make my triple batches and after the pieces freeze I put them in a bagel bag. I am able to fit a large amount of pancakes and french toast in one bag. This allows more room in my freezer, reusing the bagel bags, and decreasing the usage on my baggies, which in turn saves me some money. I will not complain about that. I may be just saving some cents but those cents add up.

What money saving tips do you have?



  1. Love the tip! I reuse all things plastic...you never know what you will need in the future! Pen holder, organizer, staining leftovers, send homes, the list goes on and on! Thanks for the tip!



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