24 June 2013

Menu Plan for 24 June-28 June

Hubby had surgery on Thursday and is doing well. Little man has now returned home from camp and this mama is not a nervous wreck. We followed the menu pretty well last week. There were a few days where we strayed. The day little man left, hubby and I decided to take the kids out to lunch. After hubby’s surgeries we always go to a local taco restaurant drive-thru and since we had a gift card we decided to keep up the tradition. This upcoming week we have little going on. Just the typical baseball practice, gymnastics, church, and oh yes a 5K on Saturday. Our goal this week is to keep to the menu.

Monday~ cinnamon toast


                 fettuccine alfredo

Tuesday~ pancakes

                  apple and peanut butter wraps

                  hamburgers and hot dogs

Wednesday~ bagels

                       noodles and strawberries

                       spaghetti pie

Thursday~ waffles

                     leftover spaghetti pie

                     homemade chicken nuggets and noodles

Friday~ cereal

               leftover spaghetti pie


Normally my menus go through the weekend, but I have not gotten a chance to look at the circulars to see what items are on sale this week. Once I do that then I can finish my menu.

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