29 May 2013

Newest Blessing

Last week the blessings and I went home to Minnesota to welcome the newest addition to our family. We had such a wonderful time and it meant so much to me to be able to welcome our little Brecken into this world. Six months ago I was able to welcome my niece Ciara into the world and my heart is overwhelmed with thankfulness to God for allowing us to be close to home.

We have not been close to home in almost 10 years and I never thought that we would retire close to home. The hubby and I have wanted to retire somewhere in the South, but when the opening was available to move close to home we decided to take that opportunity. Never did I ever think we would retire here in Wisconsin. It is a lot to swallow for this Minnesota girl!

All I know is that I am thankful and truly blessed that God has brought us close to home so we can celebrate in moments like these. Moments that we have missed in the past.

Not anymore. Thank you Lord!

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