30 May 2013

Stop Giving Up

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This was me at the beginning of the year. I was tired of starting over. I would begin setting goals that I wanted to meet and ended up looking at how far those goals were and just gave up. I was so focused on the end result that I failed to see the achievements I had already made. Then I would cave into my old way of eating and not working out just to end up gaining more weight.

So I started setting small goals that did not deal with the scale. I wanted non-scale victories. I took before pictures of myself and then I take weekly pictures and compared them to the first pictures. I started a 12-week challenge set up by fitness model Kelsey Byers that focused on clean eating. I am tired of starting over.

If you are tired of the way you look or feel then do something about it. Stop giving up. Set small goals. Focus on non-scale victories. If you slip up and make a mistake then learn from it and get back on track. I have had many slip-ups lately but I am not letting it get me down. There is nothing we can do about it except move on.

Move forward.

This goes with any part of our life.

Keep moving forward.

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  1. Learned that lesson the hard way!



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