28 May 2013

Where is our appreciation?

I have so much to share with you all but all that is on my mind is the Memorial Day parade we attended yesterday. We arrived early so we could get good seats, wore our red, white, and blue and waited for the parade. We could hear the band playing and the closer it got to us the more we became full of pride. We see the stars and stripes going by and we think of those that have laid down their lives for us. To allow us to sit here and watch a parade.

Many are still overseas fighting. Many families still without their loved ones. Many who will never come home. During the parade a Veteran from each war, Pearl Harbor to Afghanistan was represented. Each one that drove by we clapped. In our section, my family and another family clapped. My heart broke. We are here to honor those who have died for our freedom and no one can clap for those who have fought during these wars? After the 20 minute parade my husband and I were disappointed. No mention of the fallen. No military members from the base were involved. A military unit from the base asked to be in the parade and the response was they were not needed. Not needed? What are we supposed to be celebrating? The start of summer or the military who have signed their names to protect our freedoms?

Where is our appreciation?

I am not saying this is everywhere and I am not saying everybody does this. I am stating what I saw yesterday. 

It is not easy for families to hug their loved ones goodbye as the loved one heads off to war. Families keep in the back of their mind that they may not come home. The Soldier does the same. The affects war has on the military member is more than what people can even imagine. The conditions the military live in while deployed can be harsh. The military member can go days or weeks without speaking to their loved ones.

A knock on the door to a family member who has a spouse or child deployed brings a moment of paralysis. Could the person on the other side of the door be the one to bring news that their loved one is not coming home?

Many Americans take their freedoms for granted, including myself. We tend to forget that many people have given up so much so we can keep these freedoms. So why is it we cannot take a day out of the year to remember those who have sacrificed so much? Memorial Day is not about the good sales at the stores, or the kick-off to the summer, or just the bar-b-ques. Memorial Day is the day to honor those who have fought and continue to for us.

Next year while you are attending or hosting a bar-b-que, take a moment of silence for those who have lost their lives. Maybe set up a table for the fallen. Have the stars and stripes displayed.

Each time we look at the red, white, and blue we need to remember those who have died for that flag and many who continue to protect us.

May we never forget all those who have laid down their life’s for us…..

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  1. Yep. My thoughts yesterday were on the gold star families.



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