09 April 2013

The Club

Today, I am so grateful about the Boys and Girls Club in our community. I have never been a part of the Club before and was not sure exactly what it entailed. After some research the hubby and I thought that it would be a great way for our two blessings to meet other kids their age. So, this week we are trying out a FREE five day pass to the Club.
The neighborhood we live in just does not have children my blessings ages. Or if there are children my blessings ages they seem to live streets away. Our blessings participate in extracurricular activities within the community but sadly they do not get a chance to talk with the other kids during the activity. We are a part of an awesome homeschool co-op and a wonderful church that has an amazing youth program where both blessings have friends. However, the blessings would love to have friends within the neighborhood or even in the same town.

The Boys and Girls Club offers many programs for the blessings and the best part is the two blessings are meeting other kids their ages. Yesterday was their first day and they absolutely loved it. They cannot wait to go again today. I do not know why I did not sign them up sooner!
Is your children part of the Boys and Girls Club or something similar?  

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