08 April 2013

Menu Plan for 8 April-12 April 2013

This week I start back to school and my daughter is back in gymnastics. We are slowly getting back to our "normal" life. I am only making a menu plan until Friday because my parents will be here for the weekend and I am not sure what our plans will be. Friday the blessings and I will be on field trip for school so for lunch it will be a picnic sort of lunch. We also purchased some apples from a couple who are raising money for their missions trip so we will be enjoying some apples this week!

Monday~ pancakes with bacon and sausage
                 grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches with apples
                 cheesy chicken and rice and green bean casserole

Tuesday~ eggs and toast
                  apple and peanut butter wraps

Wednesday~ bagels
                       sandwiches and strawberries
                       peek-a-boo chicken (recipe to follow this week)

Thursday~ waffles
                    french toast

Friday~ cereal
              sandwiches, fruit, granola bars

1 comment:

  1. Can't wait to find out what peek a boo chicken is.



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