02 April 2013

Kaitlyn and Katelyn

In February 2009, the hubby and I made the decision to homeschool our two blessings. We allowed them to finish up that school year, but come the new school year we would begin our journey of homeschooling. At the start of our first homeschooling year, we moved to Alaska. We moved to a neighborhood that did not have any girls my daughter’s age. Now there were girls in the neighborhood, but they were either younger or older than my daughter. Never her age. On top of that, they all went to public school except for one family who are now our closest friends.

My daughter had close friends in Alaska, but they did not live in our neighborhood. She wanted a friend that lived closed. A friend that she could meet at the local park to play or just to sit and talk with.
My daughter always felt different around the other girls and wanted someone her age to move into our neighborhood. She also wanted the girl to be a Christian homeschooling girl. Sadly, this never occurred during our time in Alaska.

Our family ended up moving down to Wisconsin. My daughter and I prayed for a Christian, homeschooling girl, my daughter’s age. We noticed many girls in the neighborhood, but they were all younger than my daughter until my husband met our neighbors.

My husband was out shoveling the sidewalk when he met one of our neighbors. After speaking with the neighbor he found out they had a daughter our daughter’s age. Then, he found out the daughter had the same name as our daughter. I am talking same first and middle name, just spelled differently by one letter. THEN, he found out that they homeschool AND they are Christians!!

My daughter and I were so grateful and our hearts were so happy. My daughter, Kaitlyn, is now best friends with Katelyn. I am so grateful that God has put Katelyn in our path, along with her family. Our family just adores this family!

Sadly, Katelyn, and her family will be moving this summer for Texas. Many, many, many, many, many, miles away from us. We will miss the family very much, but I am so thankful that God has blessed us with this family.
Thank goodness for technology, right?!?

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  1. The blessing of friendship is a beautiful blessing indeed!

  2. Oh the life of a military family. I think the kids have it the hardest sometimes...I had it ok as a military brat and survived...then I married the Army.



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