17 April 2013


You know those days where you wake up in a good mood and ready to tackle whatever is thrown at you.  Then the enemy begins to attack in every direction. Your once good mood turns into a defeated, worn out, not so happy person. Yes, that happened to me on Monday. I was ready for the day, but one thing after another was occurring. It ranged from the kids not wanting to do their schoolwork to dropping a fork on the floor to the Boston bombings. That kind of day. By Monday evening I was done. I was not a very nice person to say the least. I went to bed feeling horrible and convicted of my actions and words. I asked for forgiveness from Him and asked Him to cleanse my heart.
Tuesday morning I asked for forgiveness from my family members as well. Embracing each of them with a hug and an “I Love You.”  I decided that we would not have a schedule and just take the day as it came. Our day began and ended with laughter. My two blessings and I laughed so much during the day that you could find tears rolling down our cheeks from laughing so hard. 

We all need days like that. A day of forgetting what needs to be done and focus more on what is occurring around us. I could have been so fixed on what needed to be done on Tuesday that I would have failed to enjoy my two blessings. What I have learned over the last six to seven months was that life is short and it can change at any moment. We need to embrace our loved ones rather than the to-do list. I will continue to have a to-do list but I will not allow my to-do list to overtake the priority of my loved ones as I did on Monday.

Today more laughter and love will occur….

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  1. Laughter is indeed the best medice.



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