15 April 2013

Do Not Move

 A couple weeks ago the hubby and I got into a serious conversation about possibly moving to the south after his retirement. We miss many things about the south and have always said that we would retire somewhere in the south. We started to strategize a plan. We knew from the beginning that it was His final decision if we were to move or not. In the end, we prayed and asked Him to show us. We also asked Him if we are not to move please take the desire from our hearts.

That occurred on Saturday evening. Sunday morning during the pastor’s sermon God clearly answered us. The answer was very clearly stated because the pastor said in his sermon that you are not to move and you are to stay right where you are. Now no one except God knew about what they hubby and I were discussing.

Monday morning the hubby goes to work and receives a phone call about a job opening in our area.

Tuesday he receives another call about another job opening.

Wednesday a fellow worker tells him about another job opening.

Thursday people are offering to help him with his resume.

Clearly God is telling us we are staying.

I begin to ask Him to please take the desire out of my heart. I knew if the desire was still there then I was going to have a difficult time with His answer. I asked Him to please show me the beauty of where we lived.
He began to show me so many things that now I cannot imagine leaving. I catch myself dreaming of the “what if’s” but I know that right now we are not to move. We are to stay right here. We are to have our two blessings live in a home for longer than two years. We are to stay with our church.

We are to embrace the new season God has put us in.

531. His answer

532. My parents visiting for the weekend

533. Living close to family

534. My forever neighbor and her husband’s newest blessing to their family; a baby girl

535. Three hour Sunday naps

536. Quiet time with Him in the morning

537. Watching the wildlife outside my kitchen window each morning

538. Spending the day with another homeschooling family

539. Sunshine (when it tries to peek through after the yucky weather)

540. Another day closer to our new civilian life



  1. This really touched my heart today Barb. As you know, it is in God's plan that we stay in Washington when it was my desire to go to Indiana. I find myself trying to figure out why I am meant to be here, but I know God has a plan for me and my family. I still find myself struggling with not being in Indiana, close to my family, but it never occurred to me to ask God to take that strong desire to move and instead show me what amazing opportunities I have here to glorify God and share His love with others. Thank you for the reminder! I will be praying for your family during this time of transition as J is retiring from the Army.

    Much love,
    The Biermans

  2. Wow, that is so cool! Sometimes you pray over and over for answers and don't get them, but that was a definite answer for you! I hope you learn to love WI, really the midwest isn't that bad!

  3. Wow! Civilian life...what is that...?



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