15 April 2013

Menu Plan for 15 April-19 April

Last week we strayed from the menu a couple of times; this week it is my goal not to stray at all. We have a pretty busy week so I NEED to stay on top of my to-do list and have good time management skills.  I am trying to get a schedule where I can get my schooling and exercise time in without having to choose between the two because both are important. The next couple of weeks we will be trying to get into a routine that works for us, which is why our menus will be pretty simple and easy meals.

Mon~ chocolate chip pancakes
           leftover soup
           cheesy chicken with rice and green bean casserole

Tues~ french toast
           homemade chicken nuggets
           macaroni and cheese

Wed~ eggs and toast
           grilled turkey and cheese
           baked ziti

Thurs~ cereal

Fri~ waffles
         out to eat

What will you be eating this week?

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