04 February 2013

Menu for Feb. 4- Feb 10 2013

Another week of menus! After looking over our menu, I have decided that each Sunday I will have a crock-pot meal. We really enjoy walking in from church and having lunch done. I have a couple of meals for the crock-pot lined up for the next couple of weeks, thanks to my neighbors on the Facebook page.
Monday~ smoothies
                 pizza rolls
                 baked ziti with rolls (never made last week.We were invited to a friend's for dinner)

Tuesday~ pancakes
                  fried rice

Wednesday~ eggs and toast
                       sandwiches and yogurt
                       creamy chicken noodle soup

Thursday~ cinnamon sugar crescent roll pizza
                    apple and peanut butter wraps
                    cheesy chicken and rice bake (new recipe)

Friday~ french toast
               noodles and strawberries or leftovers

Saturday~ monkey bread
                   sandwiches and pickles

Sunday~ cereal
                your choice
What are you having this week?

1 comment:

  1. I have no clue what we are having this week since hubby is off. I have a crock pot pot roast planned and a chicken dish planned, but that is it.



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