04 February 2013

Another Week Down

Another week down.

Last week we continued to deal with the water damage that occurred in our home. I am truly thankful and praising God for giving us the $1,000 we needed to pay for the deductible. If we did not have the money we would be looking at about $6,000 to $7,000 worth of damage. That bill definitely would cause us stress.

The hubby was home from work last week because he was still on recovery from his surgery. Having him home really helped me keep my sanity. He would speak with the repair company and I was able to still school the two blessings without having to worry about interruption.

I found myself really withdrawing from my time with Him. I kept with my daily reading, but noticed that is what I was doing. I was reading. I was not taking to heart what I was reading. I kept praying throughout the day, but it was not like it had been. I kept pleading with Him to help me. I do not understand. The more stressed I become the more I turn to Him, so why is that when I am not stressed I am not as close to Him. Definitely praying about this. I keep hearing Him whisper to me, "Daughter, I need you." My children call me when they need me and I answer, so why I am not answering Him?

I am praying for Him to help me. No one better than He!

481. $1,000 for the deductible

482.  Having hubby home to help me

483.  Hearing my children not to stop reading our read-aloud

484.  Invited to a an couple's home for dinner

485. Fellowship with the couple whom have so much wisdom

486. The healing my daughter received from Him

487. Taxes are done

488. Ravens won the Super Bowl

489. An article I read about missing childhood. Less phone and more of my two beautiful children!

490. Working out with a dear friend

Onto a new week with new blessings......

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