11 February 2013

How Can There Be Blessings?

2:14AM phone rings.  She has went into code blue.
2:37AM She has been resuscitated.
4:49AM Text comes in. She is gone.
How can this be?  How has my closest friend's baby sister pass away?
She went into the doctor because she was not feeling well and now I am told the Lord has called her Home?
She is a single mother with twin six year old boys. She was only 29.
Why would you do this, Lord?
Why would you take such a young mother away from her boys?
It is unfair.
Oh my dear friend.
The hurt. The tears. The pain.
Now the only child. She has lost her best friend. A hole in heart that will never be filled.
Why God?
I know that He has plans for us. Plans for good not harm. I do not understand why He would call her Home. No one will ever understand. I watch as a mother grieves for her child. Her baby. A father trying to be strong for his family, but deep down mourns for his daddy's little girl. A sister trying to help her mourning parents as she grieves for her baby sister. She is angry because she is her protector. Her job as a bigger sister, but yet struggles with the thought of never being able to hear her sister's voice again.
Two boys so young. Two boys knowing mommy is in heaven with Jesus, but does not understand why mommy will not wake so they can say goodbye. Two young boys with only memories.
Oh the pain. The hurt. Will it ever go away?
Lord, they need you. We need you. The pain is to much. You gave up your Son for us. Oh how we now see a part of Your pain.
How do I find blessings in all of this? Blessings in a death? Could the blessings possibly exist in such a time of pain?
Please Lord show me some blessings during this time of pain. Lord, we need to see You. We need to feel Your embrace. Please Lord, show us some blessings. Lord, Your word is a lamp for my feet....light my path.
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding; in all things acknowledge Him and He will direct your path." Proverbs 3:5-6
Oh my dear friend. The pain she must be feeling. A pain that I have not experienced but oh how I try. My heart hurts. My heart grieves with her. I pray. Oh how I pray for her. She is physically many states away, but I feel her hurt. My tears will not stop running. Oh my dear friend. I have no words; just tears.
Where are the blessings? The pain is to much for this family. Could God show His blessings during a such a difficult time? Is there really any blessings when a sister, daughter, aunt, friend, and mother has been called Home?
Lord please show me! Show me that You are here.....
491. My plane ticket to be with my friend
492. Holding my friend as she cries for the loss of her sister
493. Holding her children in my arms as they grieve for their aunt
494. Watching the many people entering the church for her service
495. Hearing the boys read their letter to their mommy
496. Hearing a mother tell the church that the one thing that she prays people take from all of this is that they truly know God
497. Hearing the memories of a person I have not met
498. Seeing the many people she had impacted in this world
499. God showing me how quickly life can change
500. Reconciliation
Blessings do exist.....

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