11 January 2013

Writing Out a Budget

 The hubby and I have gotten very serious about the chains of debt that are binding us up. We are sick and tired of being sick and tired. So, we have done something about it. We started Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University this past Monday. We absolutely love it. We received confirmation, conviction, and ways to dump the debt. I have read Dave's "Total Money Makeover" a couple years prior and knew what we needed to do. It was time to implement it.
Our homework for the first week was to start our quick-start budget. I love budgets! I know I am the "nerd" and my husband is the "free-spirit." I love writing out our budget, even when we lack the funds we need. I guess that is the list maker in me. Last night we sat down and worked on our quick-start budget.

We put in the numbers and saw what was leftover. We were able to apply what was left to our debt. This was nothing new to me. I write out a budget every pay period. However, what I normally do not do is write out what we need for gas or groceries. I usually pay all that is due and then what is left is our money to spend on groceries, gas, and entertainment.

I have realized that method was not working for us. I inputted the numbers for gas, groceries, and entertainment, and when we were done with our budget, we were pleased. I felt accomplished. I felt like one of those "I am man, hear me roar." But yet I was not a man and was not beating my chest, while I was saying this. Okay maybe I was. Anyways, I feel ready for this next pay period to arrive. I will be taking out the cash for each category and putting the cash into our envelope system.

With our budget written out and every dollar accounted for I know that we are set up for success for the next pay period. The budget will help us stay on track and in the end will help us save money.

Do you budget? Are you a nerd when it comes to the budget?


  1. I love Dave Ramsey's envelope system. We did it a few years ago before the husband went to Korea, but stopped once he was there. We started it again on Jan 1st. Its a really great way to watch your budget and save money. Hope it works well for y'all!

  2. We did Dave's class several years ago. It really convicted hubby, who is a terrible shopaholic.



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