11 January 2013

God Shed His Grace On Thee

Please click here if you missed the first part of this remarkable story of how God shed His grace upon my family.

I remember hearing my son tell his daddy "now you will have to make a sharp turn around this corner." He was telling his dad what the signs on the side of the road were saying. Something he had done the entire trip so far. I suppose it kept him from boredom during this long drive. Once we turned that corner and entered the white-out conditions, my son's voice no longer spoke. We all were silent.

My husband could not see anything. He tells me that it is like a white sheet had been thrown on the window shield. The wind is blowing tremendously. We cannot tell where the road is leading us. We move to much to the right we will go off the cliff. We move to much to the left we could be in oncoming traffic and run into the mountainside. The snow is so thick we could not see headlights approaching us if any were coming, until they are inches in front of us. My husband begins to move forward very slowly. I cannot see anything. I look back at my two precious blessings sitting in the backseat. I can see the fear upon their face. My eyes begin to feel with tears because I cannot help them.

I begin to pray to myself.

"Lord we need you. Help us."

Slowly we moved ahead.

Suddenly the wind stops blowing for a moment, but my husband is still having a hard time seeing the road.

I can see!

I see us going towards the cliff. We have gone to far right! Many of the roads throughout the Al-Can lack guard rails in the mountains.

I scream...STOP!!!!

My husband continues to slowly move forward. Forward towards the edge of the cliff.

Tears are pouring down my face. I scream STOP!!!

My husband finally stops and says "what?" He then realizes what I have seen. We are now facing west to east, not north to south. Any traffic approaching will hit us. We need to slowly move the vehicle around to head back north. My mind is racing. I begin to prepare for the worse. What if we go over the cliff? Our survival gear consisting of the cold weather clothing is on top of the truck. How is that going to help us if we go over the cliff and plunge into the river below? My heart is aching. The tears are pouring.

Out of nowhere headlights are completely upon us. A semi truck.

My husband tries everything he can to move our vehicle more to the right because the semi is moving so fast that the driver has gone into the left lane to pass us. I had no time to comprehend what was happening. I had no idea what was going to happen.

God had moved us just enough out of the way for the semi to pass without hitting the mountainside and without us going off the cliff.

My husband quickly maneuvers our vehicle back on the road and I yell MOSES!!!! God had sent our Moses to lead us out of Egypt. The semi's taillights are the guide we need to follow. My husband's knuckles are white as the snow outside. Tears streaming down both our faces. My two blessings are so frightened they cannot speak.

I tell them to pray. Pray as hard as you can. My daughter says "I have been mama."

My husband continues to follow the semi, but at times he loses the taillights. I begin to internally panic. What if the semi has gone over the cliff? Are we following the semi to our own death? More tears.

I pray out loud. Begging my Father to help us. To help His children.

My husband begins to pray out loud.

We are now beginning to come upon other travelers. Travelers who want to follow our Moses. Each one we pass, I pray. I pray for their own safety. I pray that God will lead them out of this storm as well. I pray that they know God.

We see the lights.

We do not see the lights.

We  see the lights.

We do not see the lights.

Back and forth our emotions go when the taillights are in sight and when they are not. We cannot get out of this storm fast enough. We were only 45 minutes away and now we have been in this storm for two hours.

I want to shove my face into my pillow so I do not have to watch, but I can't. I have to watch. I have to help my husband. I continue to pray out loud. I thank Him for sending the semi and thank Him for the protection He has already provided us. I cry. I ask Him to please get us out of this storm. My two blessings. Oh my two blessings. Fear struck. Tears beginning to fall. To scared to speak. As a mother all I want to do is hold them and tell them it will be okay. I can't. I cannot move. All I can do is tell them to pray.

Almost three hours later. We notice the semi is going onto a pull-off area on the side of the road. My husband asks, "should I stop or keep going." I told him to follow the semi. The driver gets out of his truck and my husband rolls down the window to thank him and to let him know that we will continue to follow the driver out. The driver replies, "weather is kinda crazy, eh?"

We chuckle.

The first chuckle we had in almost three hours. My fear begins to slowly creep away.

We all are shaking, crying, praying and then we see this:


More tears. More thanking God.

Our Moses continues on and we stop at the first hotel. The husband goes in and there are only two rooms left. God blessed us with a room. The hotel worker says that no more rooms are available in town because of the storm.

As the two blessings and I are waiting I look for the couple who were pulling their trailer. I cannot see the vehicle. I pray. Please Lord let them make it through.

We head to dinner.

Amazed by His grace.

God is so good!

I will never forget what He did for us that evening. Snow-capped mountains were one of my favorite sights to see. I tell my family that God made the snow-capped mountains for me. For me to marvel in His beauty. Now when I see a photo of snow-capped mountains I think of His grace that He shed on me and my family.

We leave the next morning to finish our trek cross-country and what do I see?

The couple who we met at the little gas station prior to the storm.

They made it.

God is so good!


  1. Wow. I love stories of God's grace and provision. God doing what we cannot. I am starting to write our stories down, so we can look back and remember and be thankful. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Okay, I got chills reading this story!! What a testimony to the grace and provision of God!

  3. That is an amazing story! I'm so glad you were ok ... God really is so good! And your kids are so cute :)



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